Your Account

We'll help you set up a Sandbox Account and you can use the test data provided below. When you're done testing, you'll activate your Account.

Confirm testing produces expected results

When you're testing, review the results received from BluePay to verify that the test values submitted on payment forms are consistent with the results received back from BluePay to confirm a complete and successful integration.

Test Mode

Our APIs support two modes: TEST and LIVE.

When you're in TEST Mode, transactions are not sent through the credit card networks. Instead, test transactions remain within BluePay and we'll run checks with you to validate processing.

The field name, “MODE,” drives this action. When you set MODE to TEST, all of the transactions that you run mimic the results of real-time transactions. However, your test transactions remain within the BluePay payment environment and your Sandbox Account. Your test transactions are not presented to or processed by the credit card networks. Activate your Account when you're ready to switch to LIVE Mode.

Test Outcomes

To test both possible outcomes (i.e. Approved, Declined), the transaction status responses are based on the values you assign to the AMOUNT field when you are in TEST Mode:

Odd dollar amounts (e.g. $1.00, $9.00, $25.00) return an APPROVED message
Even dollar amounts (e.g. $2.00, $16.00, $32.15) return a DECLINE message

Test Credit Card Numbers

Visa – 4111111111111111
Visa – 4242424242424242
Master Card – 5439750001500222
Master Card – 5439750001500347
Discover – 6011111111111117
AMEX – 378282246310005
CVC = 123

Test Expiration Dates

Expiration dates in the future are returned as valid
Expiration dates in the past are returned as invalid

Test ACH Numbers

Routing Number - 123123123
Account Number - 123456789
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