Payment Modules

Integrating payments into your system business software, is easy with BluePay. Our payment modules are designed by both our BluePay in-house IT team and developers within the community.

Our payment modules integrate into a vast amount of popular shopping carts, ERP and CRM systems, billing software, POS software, nonprofit software and more. If you don’t see a payment module below for the software you use, click here for additional integrations.

No matter which module you choose, you can count on BluePay’s award-winning, state-of-the-art technology to provide the best solution for your unique needs to make accepting payments easy. We are proud to have received these awards in the area of technology:

  • Three Gold Stevies® from The American Business Awards®
  • Three People’s Choice Stevies® from The American Business Awards®
  • Five CNP Customer Choice Awards
  • A 2017 Gateway Award for Best Onboarding Process by The Strawhecker Group

To integrate to the BluePay Gateway, you will need a BluePay merchant account and your secret key and account ID. To learn where to access your secret key and account ID, click here. Once you have downloaded the module for your software, you’re ready to begin testing.

Have you created a custom integration into BluePay? We want to hear from you! To link a Payment Module that you developed, please contact us.

Integrated Payment Modules:

Android SDK

The BluePay Android SDK can be used to process authorizations, sales, generate tokens as $0 authorizations, and process card-present transactions. The SDK includes swipe support for the IDTech UniMag II and Shuttle.

Download the BluePay Android SDK

Find out more about the software plug-in


BluePay.js adds the power of asynchronous request-based processing to our payment platform. It eliminates the necessity of handling customers' sensitive payment card data by sending the data directly to BluePay and obtaining a secure payment token. This token is dynamically inserted into the merchant's payment form and is submitted to finalize the transaction in place of a credit card or checking account number. BluePay.js also includes functionality to facilitate client-side 2048 bit RSA public key encryption. This functionality allows merchants to encrypt customers' payment card data right on the checkout form and use the encrypted data in place of a plaintext account number, which minimizes disruption to existing workflow and infrastructure.

Sample Code

CRE Loaded

The CRE Loaded Payment Module integrates your e-commerce software with BluePay's payment environment.

CRE Loaded Payment Module Download Information

Drupal Commerce

This Payment Module integrates Drupal Commerce with BluePay's payment environment.

Download Payment Module

Find out more about the software plug-in


The BluePay iOS SDK can be used to process authorizations, sales, generate tokens as $0 authorizations, process card-present transactions. The SDK includes swipe support for the IDTech UniMag II and Shuttle.

Download the BluePay iOS SDK

Find out more about the software plug-in

JD Edwards

Integrating JD Edwards ERP systems with BluePay’s payment gateway gives you PCI-certified security, customization of your payment experience to your specific needs, and a team that monitors your account for fraud.

Find out more about integrating BluePay's payment processing solutions with your JD Edwards ERP system.


This payment module adds BluePay payment processing to the Laravel 5 PHP framework.

Download Payment Module

Magento Extension

The Magento Payment Module integrates the customer management software with BluePay's payment environment.

Magento Payment Module Download Information

Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Payment Module integrates your accounting and back-end systems with BluePay's payment environment.

Find out more about the software plug-in


nopCommerce is a fully-customizable shopping cart, and an open source eCommerce software. nopCommerce contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend.

For more information and to download the payment module, Click here.


Integration of the Oracle ERP system with BluePay’s payment environment keeps your customers’ data secure, decreases your liability, provides 24/7 monitoring of your payment processing account and much more.

Find out more about how BluePay integrates payments into your Oracle ERP System.


The osCMax Payment Module integrates this e-commerce and shopping cart web application with BluePay's payment environment.

Download Payment Module


This Payment Module integrates your oscommerce online store with BluePay's payment environment.

osCommerce Payment Module Download Information

QuickBooks Online

The QuickBooks Online Plugin integrates the BluePay platform to Online for simple and secure payment processing directly within the QuickBooks environment.

QuickBooks Online Payment Module Information

Find out more about the software plug-in

QuickBooks POS 10.0

This Payment Module integrates your QuickBooks POS (version 10.0) with BluePay's payment environment.

QuickBooks POS 10.0 Payment Module Information

Find out more about the software plug-in

QuickBooks POS 11.0/2013

This Payment Module integrates your QuickBooks POS (version 11.0) with BluePay's payment environment.

QuickBooks POS 11.0 Payment Module Information

Find out more about the software plug-in

QuickBooks POS 12.0

This Payment Module integrates your QuickBooks POS (version 12.0) with BluePay's payment environment.

QuickBooks POS 12.0 Payment Module Information

Find out more about the software plug-in


BluePay SalesForce Plugin gives you the ability to process credit card and ACH payments directly inside of your SalesForce environment against Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities. The plugin also supports recurring billing and secure storage of payment accounts using tokenization.

Direct link to listing on the AppExchange

Find out more about the software plug-in


Using SAP with BluePay’s payment solution provides efficient and secure credit card processing, allows customers to purchase from you via tablets and smartphones, and lets you decide exactly what functions you need.

See how BluePay integrates with your SAP ERP Solution.

Ubercart 2.x

The Ubercart 2.x Payment Module integrates the e-commerce open source for Drupal 6 with BluePay's payment environment.

Ubercart 2.x Payment Module Download Information

Ubercart 3.x

The Ubercart 3.x Payment Module integrates the e-commerce open source for Drupal 7 with BluePay's payment environment.

Ubercart 3.x Payment Module Download Information


The following WordPress plugins are known to work with the BluePay Gateway.

To learn more about integration of WordPress plugins that are known to work with the BluePay Gateway, please see our WordPress Payment Module page

Find out more about the software plug-in

Zen Cart

The Zen Cart Payment Module integrates the web site and shopping cart software with BluePay's payment environment.

Zen Cart Payment Module Download Information

BluePay integrates into many popular software packages to offer easy payment integration for your business:

Integrated SolutionWebsiteApplication Type
1ShoppingCart Cart
3d Cart Cart
Accountek Solutionshttp://www.accountek.comAccounting ERP Software
AgoraCartwww.agoracart.comShopping Cart
aMember Management
ApexLinkhttp://apexlink.comProperty Management Software
Arastta Management
Arctic Reservations & RSVP Software
ASAP RSVP & Class Management Software
ASecureCarthttps://www.asecurecart.netShopping Cart
Ashop Platform
AttractionSuite Software
Avolahttp://www.avolatechnologies.comE-Commerce Platform
Big Tree Solutions Ordering
Bill Pay Service
BillingServ Software
Binary Solutions Software and Car Rental Software
Blesta Software
Bloomerang Management
BluSynergy Billing & invoicing Software
Bookeo System
BoxBilling Software
Box Trackerwww.dumpster.softwareWaste Management Software
Breeze ChMS Management Software
BrightCalendar Software
Business Catalyst Management System
Business Tronics POS
Card Glide Design
Cart32 Cart
Cart66 Cart
CartManager Cart
CartWeaver Cart
Cetec ERP Software
ChargeOverhttp://www.chargeover.comRecurring/Subscription Billing Solutions
ChargeMax Plugin
Church Community Builder Management
ClickCartPro Cart
ClientExec Software
Clip Software
Cloud Dinehttp://www.clouddinesystems.comMobile Tablet POS Solution for Restaurants
Creative SEOhttp://www.creoseo.comShopping Cart
CubeCart Cart
Cvent Registration
Dance Studio Manager Studio Software
Dansie Shopping Cart Cart
DesignCart Cart
DermPro Solutions for Doctors
Diamond Voice IVR
DotNetNuke Shopping Cart Module Cart
Dynamic Enterprisehttp://www.des-inc.netCRM for Nonprofits and Schools
Easy Digital Downloads Plugin
EasyTithe Management Service
eCatholichttp://www.ecatholic.comDonation Platform
eCommerce Templates Cart
Event Expresso Plugin
EZ Linkshttp://www.ezlinks.comGolf Management Software
E-Payment Integrator Component
Fathom Studio (Giving Tools)http://www.fathomstudio.comNonprofit Software
FireBug Softwarehttp://www.firebugsoftware.comGym Membership Management
Floral POS Software
FrontPageCart.com Cart
Fusion Cart Pro Cart
GameCP Server Control Panel
GearCo Management
Get In Sell Out Reservation Software
GetSocio Web Builder
GigaParsehttp://www.gigaparse.comMobile App Builder
Good Methods Globalhttp://www.goodmethodsglobal.comMedical Practice Software
Group Buying Site Management
GymMaster Software
Host Bill Software
IFN Floral POS
Igivings Management
Ignite RMR Design
iLance Cart
InnerFence POS
Instant E-Storehttp://www.instantestore.comShopping Cart
JD Edwads Enterprise One Software
JD Edwards World Software
Joobi Management System
Juke Slot POS
KonaCarthttp://www.konakart.comShopping Cart
Kryptronichttp://www.kryptronic.comShopping Cart
Labrador System
League Athlecticshttp://leagueathletics.comRegistration Software
LeagueTogetherhttp://www.leaguetogether.comRegistration Software
LemonStand Cart
LianupRestaurant POS
Logos Management
Magento Cart
Mal's Ecommerce Cart
MCA SoftwarePOS for Automotive Recycling
Merlin App App
Microsoft Dynamics GP Software
Ministry CRM Software
Mobile App Network Solutions
ModernBill Software
Modular Merchant Cart
Moodle Registration & Billing
Movylowww.Movylo.comCustomer Loyalty
/n Software Payment Processing Library
Nanacast Cart
NaturaeSofthttp://www.naturaesoft.comPractice Management Software
NCR Silver POS
NELiX Store Cart
NELiX TransaX QuickBooks Module Plugin
Ninja Soft POS POS
NumberCruncherhttp://www.numbercruncher.comERP Software
OmniPay Payment Processing Library
OpenERP Software
osCMax Cart
osCommerce Cart
Payfirma Mobile POS
Payfirma Tablet POS of Sale
PC Repair Tracker Software
PC Scale
PIMSYhttp://www.pimsyemr.comMental Health Practice Management Software
Plesk Panel Panel
Plesk Sitebuilder eShop Cart
POSNail Store Salon POS
Post Affiliate Pro Tracking
Practishttp://practisinc.comMedical Billing Software
PrestaShop Cart
Programs PlusAntique Mall Accounting Software
Propane Management Systems Software
QuickBooks desktop/financial software (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise) Add-on
QuickBooks POS POS Add-on
QuoteWerks cart
RepZio Management
RezSystem and Ticketing Software
SeatServehttp://www.seatserve.comMobile POS
Service Autopilot Scheduling
Servmanhttp://www.servman.comMobile Dispatch
Shopp e-commerce Plugin for Word Presshttp://shopplugin.netWordPress Plugin
SimpleTix.com Sales
Smart Events Software
SnapPay Software
Sprout Invoices Software
Store Secure Cart
Store Startuphttp://www.storestartup.comPOS Platform
Sumac Cart
Tailbasehttp://www.tailbase.comShopping Cart
Tap To Eathttp://www.taptoeat.comOnline/Mobile Ordering
Tarzan Boatwww.tarzanboat.comParty Inflatables
TechnoLabs Softwarehttp://www.technolabssoftware.comPOS
Telspan Conferencing
Tithe.lyhttp://www.tithe.lyChurch Donation Software
Thunder Tix Sales
TIX Sales
Total Dentalhttp://www.totalehr.comDental Software
Traxiahttp://www.traxia.comConsignment Software
Triptivahttp://www.triptiva.comReservation and Management Software
Tristar Management Software
Ubercart Cart
VisiFoodhttp://www.visifood.comOnline Food Ordering Platform
Vison Friendly Cart/Hosted Service
Volusion Cart
VPASP Shopping Cart Cart
Webiquity Builder
Webnest Management Software
WebReserv.com Software
WHMCS Software
Wild Apricot Management
WordPress e-Commerce Plugin
WuFoo Hosting / Shopping Cart
X-Cart Cart
xPayment 2009 Engine
YourMembership.com Association Management
Zebra PayTechhttp://www.zebrapaytech.comOnline Billing Software
Zen Cart Cart

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