Customer Defined Data

This code steps you through an optional process of collecting and passing information that's not required for credit card processing but you need for your own purposes. This data is typically collected when you're processing transactions or storing payment methods.

This data can be entered by your customers or you may provide this customer-specific data. For example, customers could enter their names or you could attach an identification number that supports a process. Some fields are identified (e.g. phone number) and other fields may be tailored to support your specific requirements (e.g. Custom ID1).

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' *
' * Bluepay VB.NET Sample code.
' *
' * This code sample runs a $25.00 Credit Card Sale transaction
' * against a customer using test payment information.
' * Optional transaction data is also sent.
' * If using TEST mode, odd dollar amounts will return
' * an approval and even dollar amounts will return a decline.
' *

Imports System
Imports vbnet.BPVB

Namespace Transactions
    Public Class CustomerDefinedData

        Public Shared Sub run()

            Dim accountID As String = "Merchant's Account ID Here"
            Dim secretKey As String = "Merchant's Secret Key Here"
            Dim mode As String = "TEST"

            Dim payment As BluePay = New BluePay(

            ' Sets customer information.
                address1:="1233 Test St.",
                address2:="Apt #500",
                email:="[email protected]"

            ' Sets credit card information

            ' Optional fields users can set
            payment.setCustomID1("12345") ' Custom ID1: 12345
            payment.setCustomID2("09866") ' Custom ID2: 09866
            payment.setInvoiceID("500000") ' Invoice ID: 50000
            payment.setOrderID("10023145") ' Order ID: 10023145
            payment.setAmountFood("15.00") ' Food Amount: $15.00
            payment.setAmountTax("2.50") ' Tax Amount: $2.50
            payment.setAmountTip("2.50") ' Tip Amount: $2.50
            payment.setAmountMisc("5.00") ' Miscellaneous Amount: $5.00
            payment.setMemo("Enter any comments about the transaction here.") ' Comments about order

            ' Sale Amount: $25.00

            ' Makes the API request with BluePay

            ' If transaction was successful reads the responses from BluePay
            If payment.isSuccessfulTransaction() Then
                Console.Write("Transaction Status: " + payment.getStatus() + Environment.NewLine)
                Console.Write("Transaction Message: " + payment.getMessage() + Environment.NewLine)
                Console.Write("Transaction ID: " + payment.getTransID() + Environment.NewLine)
                Console.Write("AVS Result: " + payment.getAVS() + Environment.NewLine)
                Console.Write("CVV2 Result: " + payment.getCVV2() + Environment.NewLine)
                Console.Write("Masked Payment Account: " + payment.getMaskedPaymentAccount() + Environment.NewLine)
                Console.Write("Card Type: " + payment.getCardType() + Environment.NewLine)
                Console.Write("Authorization Code: " + payment.getAuthCode() + Environment.NewLine)
                Console.Write("Transaction Error: " + payment.getMessage() + Environment.NewLine)
            End If
        End Sub
    End Class
End Namespace
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