How to Use a Token

This code steps you through the process of using a token to validate a customer's credit card information and capture authorization information for a charge against the card. Tokens can be used to process many types of future transactions such as payments, sales, refunds, and cancellations. Other returned information includes the status, a message, an address verification (AVS) result, and card verification data (CVV2) result.

The token that this code returns is an assigned Transaction ID. Depending on the interface you're using, this Transaction ID is either "Master ID" or "RRNO."

You can test for both outcomes:

Approved: When you pass odd dollar amounts, payment authorizations are returned with an 'Approved' status and authorization information is also captured.
Declined: When you pass even dollar amounts, payment authorizations are returned with a 'Declined' status and no authorization information is passed.

This sample shows how to perform a charge using a token, not how to perform a first time charge using credit card or bank account information.
For that Go to: Charge a customer or Run a credit card transaction

The following sample code calls a routine from our Code Library.
Download BluePay.php
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* BluePay PHP Sample Code
* Charges a customer $3.00 using the payment information from a previous transaction.
* If using TEST mode, odd dollar amounts will return
* an approval and even dollar amounts will return a decline.
$accountID = "Merchant's Account ID Here";
$secretKey = "Merchant's Secret Key Here";
$mode = "TEST";
$token = "Transaction ID here";
$payment = new BluePay(
// Read response from BluePay
'Transaction Status: '. $payment->getStatus() . "\n" .
'Transaction Message: '. $payment->getMessage() . "\n" .
'Transaction ID: '. $payment->getTransID() . "\n" .
'AVS Response: ' . $payment->getAVSResponse() . "\n" .
'CVS Response: ' . $payment->getCVV2Response() . "\n" .
'Masked Account: ' . $payment->getMaskedAccount() . "\n" .
'Card Type: ' . $payment->getCardType() . "\n" .
'Authorization Code: ' . $payment->getAuthCode() . "\n";
} else{
$payment->getMessage() . "\n";
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