Retrieve Transaction Data

This code steps you through the process of running a report that gets data from BluePay's Platform for transactions within a defined date range. When you're using this code in "test mode," only test transactions are returned.

This code returns Account ID and Secret Key for all transactions.

To run a report on settled transactions only Go to: Retrieve settlement data

To run a report on a single transaction Go to: Retrieve data for a single transaction

The following sample code calls a routine from our Code Library.
Download BluePay.php
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* BluePay PHP Sample Code
* This code sample runs a report that grabs data from the
* BluePay gateway based on certain criteria. See comments below
* on the details of the report.
* If using TEST mode, only TEST transactions will be returned.
$accountID = "Merchant's Account ID Here";
$secretKey = "Merchant's Secret Key Here";
$mode = "TEST";
$report = new BluePay(
'reportStart' => '2015-01-01', // Report Start Date: YYYY-MM-DD
'reportEnd' => '2015-04-30', // Report End Date: YYYY-MM-DD
'subaccountsSearched' => '1', // Also search subaccounts? Yes
'doNotEscape' => '1', // Output response without commas? Yes
'errors'=> '1' // Do not include errored transactions? Yes

// Makes the API request with BluePay 
// Reads the response from BluePay
'Response: '. $report->getResponse() . "\n";
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