This code shows how to pass in a swipe string from a Keyboard Emulation (KBE) swiper to the BluePay gateway in the SWIPE field in place of values for the card number and expiration date.

You can test for both outcomes:

Approved: When you pass odd dollar amounts, payment authorizations are returned with an 'Approved' status and authorization information is also captured.
Declined: When you pass even dollar amounts, payment authorizations are returned with a 'Declined' status and no authorization information is passed.

The following sample code calls a routine from our Code Library.
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# BluePay Perl Sample code.
# This code sample runs a $3.00  sales transaction using the payment information obtained from a credit card swipe.
# If using TEST mode, odd dollar amounts will return an approval and even dollar amounts will return a decline.

use strict;
use bluepay;

my $account_id = "Merchant's Account ID Here";
my $secret_key = "Merchant's Secret Key Here";
my $mode = "TEST";

my $payment = BluePay->new(

  first_name => 'Bob',
  last_name => 'Tester',
  address1 => '1234 Test St.',
  address2 => 'Apt',
  city => 'Testville',
  state => 'IL',
  zip_code => '54321',
  country => 'USA',
  phone => '123-123-12345',
  email => '[email protected]'

# Set payment information for a swiped credit card transaction

# Sale Amount: $3.00
$payment->sale({amount => '3.00'});

# Makes the API Request with BluePay

# Reads the response from BluePay
if ($payment->is_successful_response()){
  print "TRANSACTION STATUS: " . $payment->{Result} . "\n";
  print "TRANSACTION MESSAGE: " . $payment->{MESSAGE} . "\n";
  print "TRANSACTION ID: " . $payment->{RRNO} . "\n";
  print "AVS RESPONSE: " .$payment->{AVS} . "\n";
  print "CVV2 RESPONSE: " . $payment->{CVV2} . "\n";
  print "MASKED PAYMENT ACCOUNT: " . $payment->{PAYMENT_ACCOUNT} . "\n";
  print "CARD TYPE: " . $payment->{CARD_TYPE} . "\n";
  print "AUTH CODE: " . $payment->{AUTH_CODE} . "\n";
} else {
  print $payment->{MESSAGE} . "\n";
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