Check If a Customer Has Enough Credit Available

This code steps you through the process of validating a customer's credit card information and authorizing a potential charge against the card.

You can test for both outcomes:
Approved: When you pass odd dollar amounts, payment authorizations are returned with an 'Approved' status.
Declined: When you pass even dollar amounts, payment authorizations are returned with a 'Declined' status.

The 'Approved' payment authorization does not charge the customer's credit card.
For that Go to: Charge a Customer or Run a credit card transaction

The following sample code makes use of various headers and source files.
Or, download via GitHub

// BluePay C++ Sample code.
// This code sample runs a $3.00 Credit Card Authorization transaction
// against a customer using test payment information. 
// If using TEST mode, odd dollar amounts will return
// an approval and even dollar amounts will return a decline.

#include "Check_Customer_Credit.h"
#include "../bluepay-cpp/BluePay.h"
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

void checkCustomerCredit(){

  string accountId = "Merchant's Account ID Here";
  string secretKey = "Merchant's Secret Key Here";
  string mode = "TEST";

BluePay payment(

    "Bob", // First Name
    "Tester", // Last Name
    "123 Test St.", // Address1
    "Apt #500", // Address2
    "Testville", // City
    "IL", // State
    "54321", // Zip
    "USA", // Country
    "1231231234", // Phone Number
    "[email protected]" // Email Address

    "4111111111111111", // Card Number
    "1225", // Card Expire
    "123" // Card CVV2

// Auth Amount: $3.00

// Makes the API Request with Blue

  // Reads the responses from BluePay if transaction was approved
  if (payment.isSuccessfulTransaction()){
    cout << string("Transaction Status: ") + payment.getResult() + "\n";
    cout << string("Transaction Message: ") + payment.getMessage() + "\n";
    cout << string("Transaction ID: ") + payment.getTransId() + "\n";
    cout << string("AVS Result: ") + payment.getAvs() + "\n";
    cout << string("CVV2 Result: ") + payment.getCvv2() + "\n";
    cout << string("Masked Payment Account: ") + payment.getMaskedPaymentAccount() + "\n";
    cout << string("Card Type: ") + payment.getCardType() + "\n";
    cout << string("Authorization Code: ") + payment.getAuthCode() + "\n";
  else {
      cout << string("Error: ") + payment.getMessage();

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