When it comes to B2B credit card processing, your needs are unique. Big ticket credit card transactions tend to require greater levels of security, analytics and reporting. The B2B section of the BluePay blog explores the challenges you’ll face accepting B2B credit cards and how to overcome those challenges.

Who Should Read About B2B Payment Processing?

Although anyone who deals with large transactions on a regular basis is using B2B payment processing, we’ve tailored this blog for:

• Multinationals
• Government agencies
• Universities and school districts
• Utility companies
• NGOs

The payment processing landscape is constantly changing. Stay tuned to this blog for best practices in B2B payment processing, tips for B2B merchants, case studies, industry news and more.

We’ll also feature innovations in BluePay’s B2B merchant payment services, including news about:

• New features and add-ons
• Updated plans and pricing
• Best practices and case studies

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