POS Options in Canada

As a Canadian merchant, you have access to more POS options than ever before. This is a good thing as customers increasingly abandon traditional cash in favor of digital, mobile and card-based payment methods. Greater variety has created the need for stronger security protocols.

This is where BluePay can help.

We offer a range of Canadian POS payment technologies offering the speed and convenience that your customers desire, coupled with the fraud protection and data security that your business requires.


Our Electronic Register Interface (ECRi) terminals are standalone readers that process payments without capturing credit card data within your POS systems. Since no payment information is stored locally, these standalone credit card processing machines can help dramatically reduce your PCI scope, making it easier to remain compliant with the Payment Card Industry’s data security guidelines. In addition, your payment environment will experience less fraud, leading to fewer penalties — and, hopefully, greater sales. BluePay Canada merchant accounts are compatible with all the major terminal manufacturers and we can reprogram equipment if it is PCI compliant. if you are looking for more information on standalone terminals and ECRi terminal solutions, click here.

Wireless Credit Card Processing Machines

Don’t always conduct business on-site? With our wireless credit card terminal solutions, your team can continue generating sales on the go. All you need is a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to get started.

Our wireless credit card processing terminals are perfect for drivers, delivery staff or traveling sales teams. No matter where they go, they’ll always be able to securely accept and process credit card sales.

To learn more about BluePay’s wireless payment processing, click here.

Virtual Credit Card Terminals

Searching for a truly minimalist payment option? Look no further than our virtual terminals — a powerful solution that turns your desktop or laptop into a secure POS reader. Our secure browser-based dashboard takes care of the rest.

Virtual terminals are ideal for merchants who frequently accept payments via phone or mail order. This POS solution is also popular among home-based freelancers looking to balance cost and convenience.

To learn more about our virtual terminal solutions, click here.

Mobile Credit Card Readers

Another great option for payments on the go, BluePay’s mobile credit card processing allows you to turn smartphones and tablets into portable terminals. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection plus a tiny reader attachment, and you can accept payments anytime, anywhere.

This POS solution is designed for those who conduct business at off-site events such as conferences and tradeshows. You can also use roaming mobile readers to help shorten cashier lines in your brick-and-mortar store.

To learn more about mobile credit card processing, click here.

Hosted Checkout Solutions

Want to manage multiple merchant IDs through a single cloud-based interface? Our hosted checkout solutions do precisely that. Similar to a virtual terminal, hosted checkout turns your computer into a credit card reader — complete with a PIN pad connected via USB. The beauty of this POS setup is that you can easily and securely switch between merchant IDs with a few mouse clicks.

This payment solution is ideal for hospitals, law firms, universities and other organizations that share resources across multiple users and accounts.

To learn more about BluePay’s hosted checkout options, click here .

PCI Compliance

All of the listed POS solutions are built around our PCI-compliant data security. This protection not only helps to safeguard your customer’s sensitive payment information, but it also protects your business from malicious attacks.

That said, we take PCI compliance many steps further by offering additional fraud protection in the form of:

  • Tokenization
  • Point-to-point encryption
  • Fraud management filters

To learn how our PCI-compliant POS solutions can help your organization continue to thrive in an age of data breaches and cyber threats, click here.

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