Canadian Merchant Services

With BluePay’s retail credit card processing solutions, Canadian merchants can provide their customers with convenient and flexible payment options — whether those customers choose to buy with credit cards, debit cards or electronic checks (EFT).

All of these payment processing options benefit from PCI-compliant data security and the latest in fraud protection.

Person accepting EMV chip card on credit card reader

Below is a brief overview of our most popular merchant Accounts in Canada for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers.

POS Systems

If you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer, our POS systems can help you quickly and securely authorize credit card, debit card and paper-based checks right at the register. Our comprehensive POS solutions include:

  • A terminal
  • Hosted checkout
  • Electronic Cash Register Interface (ECRi)
  • EMV card processing capabilities
  • Near-field communication (NFC) technology

Our POS payment solutions also provide PCI data protection at the point of sale.

To learn more about BluePay’s secure POS systems, click here.

Online Payment Gateways

If you sell products and services online, you need a way to securely accept payments from anonymous shoppers around the globe. BluePay’s online payment gateway allows you to do precisely that. Our PCI-compliant technology comes with a number of advanced fraud protection tools to help safeguard your customers’ sensitive financial data.

With our secure payment gateway powering your business, you can sell to anyone, anywhere, anytime — without worrying about data theft or fraud.

To learn more about our secure payment gateway solutions, click here.

Mobile Payments

Want to generate sales on the go? With BluePay’s mobile payment solutions, all you need is a smartphone or tablet — plus a tiny reader attachment that can accept and process plastic.

This is the ideal credit card payment processing solution for off-site events such as conferences and roadshows. No matter where your sales teams travel, they’ll always be able to generate more business without having to lug clunky POS terminals.

To learn more about BluePay’s mobile payment solutions, click here.

PCI Compliance

At BluePay, all of our payment solutions adhere to the strictest data security standards outlined by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Counsil. This level of protection is critically important at a time when hacking, identity theft and data breaches are on the rise.

We take PCI compliance many steps further by providing Canadian merchants with advanced fraud protection tools, including:

  • TokenShield (advanced tokenization solution)
  • Fraud management filters
  • Point-to-point encryption (P2PE)
  • Hosted payment pages

With our PCI-compliant fraud protection solutions, you’ll be able to generate more sales, avoid unnecessary penalties, and provide a much safer shopping experience for your customers.

To learn more about BluePay’s approach to PCI compliance, click here.

Payment Integration

Generating new sales is exciting, but managing those sales isn’t. Someone on your team must manually capture and report all new transactions, which can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

With BluePay’s payment integration, incoming transactions are automatically synced with the accounting platforms, CRM suites and merchant account software that you’re already using.

This hands-off approach to payment integration allows you to spend more time making sales — and less time managing them. With our API support, you can even customize this payment integration to suit your unique business needs.

To learn more about BluePay’s payment integration solutions, click here.

Payment Processing in Canada — With BluePay

If you’d like to take advantage of the secure payment processing solutions listed above, the next steps couldn’t be easier.

Simply schedule a free consultation with our payment team today.

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