Is Your Business PCI Compliant?

PCI compliance is required for merchants accepting credit cards for business. Failing to comply with PCI DSS standards can result in hefty fines, especially if sensitive data is compromised. But how do you attest your compliance?

The PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is a tool used to validate compliance, and is required annually for merchants with credit card processing capabilities. The SAQ is comprised of a set of yes-or-no questions regarding your security practices. Taking the SAQ is simple, and brings you one step closer to becoming or remaining PCI compliant – protecting your business and your customers from the increased risk of credit card fraud.

Let us know if you need help completing your self assessment questionnaire!

BluePay is committed to providing a wide range of credit card processing solutions that comply with PCI standards, helping merchants reduce costs while protecting their business and their customers. Our services include small business payment processing, ACH processing, electronic invoicing, virtual terminals, hosted payment solutions and more.

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