Why Can't My Business Accept ACH Payments?

As a business owner, your goal is to find convenient, time-saving, and straightforward ways to process customer payments. After establishing electronic payment options for your customers via credit and debit card payments, you need to also explore the possibility of accepting ACH payments. These are electronic payments that are carried out through the Automated Clearing House, an extensive network of nearly every bank in the United States. 

Is accepting ACH payment right for your company? ACH payments allow customers to make electronic payments even if they don't have a credit card. When an ACH payment is made, funds are directly withdrawn from the customer’s bank account and transferred to the account of the business providing the product or service. While this form of payment is often very convenient and offers a variety of advantages, accepting ACH payments is not right for every business. 

ACH payments are great for companies that take regular, repeated payments from clients, such as mortgage payments or monthly utility bill payments. To accept ACH payments, the following is required from the client: A working bank account with sufficient funds to cover payments and provision of the bank’s routing number and his or her account number. If clients are not comfortable handing over this information or having your company store this information, your business cannot accept ACH payments from this individual or business.

In addition, your business needs an account set up to accept ACH payments. However, you have several options as a small business in terms of how you would like to accept ACH payments. While the most typical method of accepting such a payment form would be through your own company bank account, you can also accept these payments by using online services such as BluePay. 

Most businesses are capable of accepting ACH payments without problems, and offering the ability to accept these payments often increases your client base and income. Make sure you consider this payment option when you are working toward accommodating your customers by providing them their option of choice for paying for the products and services offered by your firm. 

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