Who Uses ACH Payment Processing?

BluePay’s ACH payment processing solution, BlueChex, is a secure, efficient way for merchants to accept electronic checks. ACH processing capabilities eliminates the need for merchants to visit the bank every day or every week to deposit funds manually; instead, e-checks are verified and transmitted immediately to the bank through the secure ACH (Automated Clearing House) network.

So who exactly uses ACH processing? Merchants of all types serving any industry can benefit from electronic checks. Here, we explore just a few.

E-commerce Merchants: Online retailers do not have to limit their customers to credit card and debit card payments. With ACH processing, customers can make payments directly from their checking account – transferring funds immediately into the merchant’s bank account and eliminating the long wait times of clearing traditional checks. All the customer needs is his or her bank routing or checking account number for fast, easy and secure ACH payments.

Enterprise Level Merchants: For large businesses with a long list of employees on the payroll, ACH processing helps to simplify the payroll process. ACH allows for direct deposit capabilities, so merchants can pay their employees safely and efficiently by simply transferring funds from bank account to bank account.  

Non-profit Organizations: ACH payment processing makes it even easier for non-profits to receive check donations. A secure hosted payment form on the non-profit’s website allows donors to enter their checking information and make donations straight from their accounts. This helps expand the non-profit’s donor base and significantly increase donations.

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