What Is a Virtual Credit Card Terminal?

For small business owners, Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) merchants, or those working mainly from home, a virtual credit card terminal is an easy, secure way to manually enter transactions. You can log into your account 24/7 from any computer with an Internet connection. By manually entering credit card sales, you can perform safe, efficient authorizations with no need for costly hardware or additional software.

Batch Credit Card Processing

When combined with BluePay’s batch uploading capabilities, the virtual terminal further speeds up the transaction process for fast, secure and easy payments. A batch can represent a day’s worth of transactions, allowing you to process multiple transactions at the end of the day in a single file upload. Not only does this help save time and money, but it also reduces chargebacks due to double data entry.

Getting Started Is Easy

We make it easy to sign up for a BluePay merchant account and start saving right away. Our merchant account specialists will work closely with you to set up and train on how to use your virtual credit card terminal, as well as suggest additional credit card processing products that could help your business grow.

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