Types of Credit Card Processing Machines

Investing in secure, advanced credit card processing machines can offer many benefits to any business, no matter what industry it serves. The ability to accept credit cards and debit cards safely and efficiently is crucial to improving customer service, reducing costs and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s market. Here, we’ll explore the basic types of credit card processing machines, as well as virtual credit card terminals for online processing.

Stationary Credit Card Processing Machines

Most people are familiar with traditional credit card terminals, which are often used for face-to-face, card-present transactions such as retail and restaurant sales. These machines require a direct, physical connection to a phone line or the Internet in order to process and authorize credit cards. Basic features include a magnetic stripe reader, keypad, display screen, PIN pad and printer.

Wireless Credit Card Processing Machines

As technology rapidly moves toward more wireless solutions, the ability to process credit cards wirelessly becomes a secure, efficient way to improve customer service and sales. Wireless credit card terminals include the same basic design features as stationary terminals, such as magnetic stripe readers, keypads and even printers. However, the wireless machine does not require a direct connection to a phone line or network, making it ideal for merchants who want to accept credit cards wherever they go.

Virtual Credit Card Terminals

For e-commerce stores and online businesses, virtual credit card terminals have taken the place of physical credit card processing machines. With a virtual terminal, merchants can accept online payments safely from any computer.

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