SECURITY BULLETIN - Gateway Account Phishing Attempt

Customers of the BluePay Gateway may have been the target of a recent email phishing attempt from a group claiming to be "BluePay Inc.," or a similar organization.

BluePay Security has taken steps to protect against this threat and will continue to monitor the situation.

The phishing email contains the following information:

From: BluePay Inc. [mailto:[email protected]]
Attachment: “Update Your Account Information.html”

We are performing our annual maintenance, you are required to update your virtual merchant login.

Please download the attachment in this email and proceed.

Impact on User:
If you are the recipient of a phishing e-mail attempt, delete the message immediately. Do not click on the links or open any attachments included in the message. If you opened the attachment and entered information please contact Customer Service immediately.

Your awareness is essential for protection against these malicious attempts, so:

1. Ensure your virus definitions are up-to-date.
2. Always contact Customer Service if you receive a suspicious message from BluePay, before you follow any of its instructions.
3. Check the validity of embedded URLs before clicking on them; most e-mail software, including Outlook, many versions of Thunderbird, and Web mail, allows you to mouse over a URL and view where the link is really directed. Do not click on unknown or suspicious URLs.
4. Be wary of messages with suspicious or awkward language.
5. Delete messages you confirmed to be phishing attempts.
6. Do not open emails or email attachments from people or groups you are unfamiliar with or who do not typically send email messages to you.
7. If you are ever uncertain about your BluePay account, please contact Customer Service.

Support Contact:
If you have questions, please contact Customer Service at 866-739-8324.

BluePay Processing, LLC is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA, U.S.A.
BluePay Canada ULC, is a Registered ISO/MSP of Peoples Trust Company, Vancouver, Canada.