Seamless Integration for BluePay Credit Card Payment Software and Accounting Programs

From credit card payment software to processing terminals, accounting programs to online shopping carts, there are many different components of a complete payment processing solution that contribute to improved efficiency. Integrating these products so they work together seamlessly can help merchants save time and money. Below, learn more about BluePay’s secure credit card payment software and seamless accounting integration services.

Credit Card Payment Software
BluePay’s payment software features customized options that fit many industry-specific needs, connecting merchants with enhanced features designed to meet unique goals. For example, restaurant payment processing software can easily transfer tabs and add gratuity to bills. Software with Level 3 processing capabilities can transmit more detailed data for business-to-business transactions. BluePay’s payment processing software is compatible with most major shopping carts, helping to simplify online sales and reporting.

Accounting Integration
Advanced accounting programs can make bookkeeping and reporting more accurate and efficient. By synchronizing existing accounting programs, such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics GP, with your payment processing system, you can eliminate double data entry. BluePay will integrate your software and applications quickly, so you can save time, cut costs, and enjoy a hassle-free transaction and accounting process today.

Visit BluePay’s credit card payment software page to learn more about our seamless and easy application integration, or contact BluePay to speak with representative today!

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