Q & A: Retail Merchant Accounts

Find answers to commonly asked questions about retail merchant services:

What is a retail merchant account?
A retail merchant account is designed for retail businesses and stores with the need to accept major credit cards and debit cards. Businesses that have a retail merchant account can safely process point-of-sale transactions in which both the credit card and the card holder are present.

How does a retail merchant account work?
The process for retail credit card processing through a merchant account is simple. At the point of sale, either the merchant or the customer swipes the credit or debit card through the processing equipment. The merchant account service provider then carries the information on to the credit card issuer for authorization. The card issuer either accepts or rejects the transaction based on sufficient funds and security measures. The sale is complete once the account been verified and approved.

Who benefits from a retail merchant account?
Customers benefit from retail merchant accounts because they offer more options for payment at the point of sale. People are relying more on credit and debit cards to make purchases, as these options allow customers to make small payments over a long period of time or access funds directly from their bank accounts, without the need to carry large sums of cash. Therefore, the merchants who accept credit and debit cards increase sales and improve customer service by providing flexible payment options that encourage customers to spend more.

What kind of equipment is required?
In order to accept credit cards and debit cards for your retail business, you’ll need the appropriate processing equipment. Credit card terminals allow merchants to swipe credit cards at the point of sale, or customers can swipe their own card and enter their PINs without the need to ever hand their card to the merchant.

How do I start?
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