Mobile Credit Card Processing Security

“Is it safe?” For those old enough to remember, this was the question asked over and over by a sinister Laurence Olivier in the interrogation scene from the classic suspense film Marathon Man.

“Is it safe?” is also a question asked time and time again by online merchants with regard to wireless credit card processing security. Is mobile credit card processing secure? Can it be used safely to process transactions, keep sensitive financial information secure, and protect customers from identify theft and fraud?

With the explosion in mobile technology and the mobile Web, these have become crucial questions for every merchant. While the benefits of offering mobile payment options are obvious, protecting financial information is paramount.

BluePay maintains the highest standards for payment security. Our payment processing solutions are built to protect the merchant and the merchant’s customer whenever, wherever, and however a payment is being processed or payment information is being accessed.

Our security programs are PCI DSS compliant, with a payment gateway, software, and data storage facilities that minimize the risk of identity theft and fraud. Since data security is fundamental to our suite of services, we work around the clock to maintain state of the industry standards in all of our many service offerings.

Our emphasis on payment security is one reason merchants are attracted to BluePay. Since data processing is our business, we have a level of processing and storage expertise that most merchants are not equipped to provide on their own. Partnering with us allows merchants to focus on their primary business, while resting easy that payments are being processed with professional care.

If you have questions about mobile credit card processing, please contact us today.

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