Increase Donations and Reduce Costs with Non-Profit Credit Card Processing

Raising money for non-profit organizations is easier than ever with non-profit credit card processing solutions. With the ability to accept credit card, debit card and electronic check donations, non-profits can increase donations, retain existing donors and significantly reduce costs.

Increase Donations

A simplified donation process helps increase donations, as today’s donors expect flexibility when it comes to any type of payment. BluePay’s non-profit payment services include secure hosted payment forms, which are designed to match the look and feel of the non-profit’s website, yet are hosted on BluePay’s secure server to reduce liability. Donors can enter their credit card information to make donations online, eliminating the hassle of traditional paper checks. While paper checks can often bounce or take a long time to clear, online credit card and ACH donations are fast, secure and efficient. Features such as recurring payments help increase donations as well as retain existing donors – allowing donors to set up yearly, monthly or weekly donations and making it easier to donate on an ongoing basis.  

Reduce Costs

The ability to retain existing donors through recurring payment options also helps reduce costs. Regular donors no longer have to be reminded through costly marketing efforts to make a donation, and money otherwise spent on frequent brochures, flyers, promotional materials, stamps and envelopes can be directed toward other projects. In addition, BluePay’s always-low processing rates ensure affordable payment solutions every day.

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