How Restaurant Credit Card Processing Improves Food Service

At BluePay, we understand different merchant types have unique business needs and goals. Restaurant merchants, in particular, require customized restaurant credit card processing solutions that help improve front-end service while streamlining back-end accounting processes.

Focusing on the Food

Whether it’s a fine dining establishment or a fast food joint, restaurants can get hectic during peak hours of service. When servers and hosts are focusing on getting the food out safely, efficiently and to the right tables, there isn’t a lot of time to fuss with point-of-sale software and equipment. BluePay provides easy-to-use POS systems with tab transfer and gratuity capabilities, so restaurant wait staff can accept multiple types of payment with no hassle. BluePay also offers advanced credit card terminals with convenient external PIN pads, allowing customers in fast food lines to type in their PINs quickly and keep the line moving smoothly.

Seamless Integration

With BluePay’s software integration services, we can help restaurant merchants synchronize their credit card processing equipment with existing accounting programs. With a seamless payment processing and accounting process, merchants can eliminate double data entry and start saving time and money.

Other credit card processing services from BluePay include small business solutions, ACH payments, mobile processing, electronic billing, PCI compliance and more. For more information, visit Follow @BluePay on Twitter for news and updates! 

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