How Mobile Credit Card Processing is Transforming Main Street

In the 1950s, retail shopping meant going to specialized stores. You went to the shoe store for shoes, the bakery for bread, the hardware store for nails and tools, and the jewelers for that special holiday gift. By the 1970s, shoppers moved to the malls, where you could find multiple stores under one roof. Later, it was the big box retailers, like Wal-Mart and Target, that attracted family shoppers and offered everything you needed in one store.

Today, all of that is changing. Mobile credit card processing is transforming Main Street and revitalizing local small businesses.

Mobile Payments Breathe New Life Into America’s Small Businesses

Today, retailers are as likely to be found in a portable kiosk at the mall, at an outdoor festival or at a permanent flea market. Such venues experience much lower overhead than traditional stores, and thus higher profit margins.

Traditionally, traveling operations were hampered by not having telephone lines on which to run credit card sales. Vendors either had to restrict themselves to cash sales or process the charges manually and cross their fingers that there were few fraudulent charges. Cell phones, mobile devices and mobile credit card processing have changed all of that.

How mobile credit card processing works

Mobile credit card processing works by using a merchant's cell phone or mobile device to transmit credit card sales information, authorize the card, and send a receipt. Using a mobile merchant account, the sales are electronically transmitted to the clearinghouse and the vendor gets his or her money in just two or three days. That's a big improvement on the nearly 30-day lag time involved with manual credit card slips. Off-site vendors can issue refunds easily, too. The charge usually comes off the customer's card within 24 hours.

Mobile credit card processing gives businesses the freedom to get out from behind the sales counter and go where their customers are, whether that's at a county fair, a street festival or a food truck event. The ability for vendors to accept credit and debit cards, wherever they may be, is transforming Main Street and the way Americans shop.

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