How Churches Use Mobile Donation Processing to Modernize Ministry

As a church leader, you know you’re doing the work you’ve been called to do. Your needs are often met through the offerings of your congregation. Those offerings have traditionally come in the forms of cash and checks, but many houses of worship now accept offerings by credit card, too.

Church offerings require a high degree of sensitivity. Having your ushers pass large credit card machines is not only impractical, but may also be distasteful to some members of your congregation. Accepting credit cards in churches and worship houses requires tact and privacy. When offered tastefully, credit card processing gives members of your faith community a convenient way to express their faith tangibly.

Pass the Collection Plate?

For members who choose to make their donations during church services, placing a credit card machine in your sanctuary is probably not the best option. Consider placing a credit card machine in a discreet location members can visit before or after service. Always keep the machine attended by a deacon or usher, to ensure your members contribute exactly what they intend to contribute. Better yet, have a deacon or usher standing by with a mobile device outfitted with credit card-swiping hardware — a discreet and portable way to accept donations.

Give a Good Account

The purpose of the church is to accomplish a sacred mission, and honesty and integrity in all financial dealings are required. Plus, the law requires a church to adhere to strict financial guidelines. As such, church staff must use best practice accounting techniques to track all offerings from church members. Accounting software that integrates with your credit card processor makes it easy to track offerings, while giving your members confidence that the church's money is being handled properly. Look for a system that offers reports online and that lets you imported data into the church management software you use.

Count the Cost

As a church leader, you must be aware of and sensitive to tradition, and you are called to be a good steward of the resources you have been given. In this day and age when many people do not even carry cash or a checkbook, the church cannot afford to ignore credit card processing as a way to accept contributions. If you’re looking for help to modernize your ministry, BluePay can work with you.

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