How to Accept Gift Cards

Accepting gift cards and loyalty cards for business is a simple, effective way to improve sales. Gift cards provide easy, convenient gifts, while loyalty cards encourage returning customers to spend more through rewards programs. BluePay offers a Gift and Loyalty Card program that makes it easy to accept gift cards, manage account balances and reload gift cards through your current terminal.

Discover the Benefits

Generate brand awareness. With designs customized to display your business’ brand, logo and colors, each gift card works as an advertisement in the customer’s pocket.
Acquire new customers. Gift cards help to bring in new customers that might not otherwise shop in your store or eat at your restaurant.
Eliminate “cash back.” By providing cards with store credit balances, you do not have to give cash back for returns and exchanges, thereby increasing sales.
Keep customers coming back. Loyalty cards often offer rewards the more a customer spends. Make sure your returning customers are rewarded for their loyalty and keep coming back. 

BluePay’s Gift and Loyalty Card program simplifies transaction and management reporting, automates electronic fund transfers between stores, and creates destination versus impulse purchases. To find out how to accept gift cards and learn more about the features and benefits of our gift card program, contact BluePay today!

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