Helpful Resources for Your E-Commerce Business

An e-commerce business requires much more than simply slapping together a Web site and setting up a payment gateway. Once you’ve decided to take your business online, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with a constantly evolving industry. Below are a just a few resources that can help you stay in touch with the e-commerce world and give your online business a competitive edge.

• The Ecommerce Blog ( Targeted toward small-business professionals, this blog provides useful tips, industry news and software reviews that allow you to run your Web site on your own. The blog is updated regularly and allows business owners to share comments and open discussion regarding e-commerce issues.
• Get Elastic ( Maintained by the e-commerce framework Elastic Path Software, the Get Elastic blog offers webinars, case studies and resourceful posts that can help your e-commerce business grow. From e-commerce trends to social networking, you’ll find the answers here.
• Practical Ecommerce ( A small business in itself, Practical Ecommerce works to help e-commerce businesses improve their online presence. In addition to Web articles, webinars and newsletters, the site has four audio podcasts and a printed magazine.

Businesses with e-commerce merchant accounts can improve their online sales by subscribing to various e-commerce blogs and staying up-to-date with industry trends.

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