E2EE Makes Retail Credit Card Processing More Secure

Today’s credit card data thieves are continually using techniques that become more and more complex as technology evolves, making it necessary for retail merchants to invest in advanced retail credit card processing security. As thieves attempt to steal account numbers and sensitive information while the data is in transit, end-to-end encryption (E2EE) works by encrypting the information from the moment the card is swiped through the credit card terminal to the authorization process – and every point in between.

E2EE and PCI Compliance

By implementing advanced security measures such as E2EE, merchants can increase PCI compliance to further protect their customers and their business from the risk of credit card fraud. Compliance with PCI standards is required for any merchant accepting credit cards for business, and compromised data due to PCI violations can lead to devastating loss and hefty fines.

In addition to E2EE, other credit card security solutions from BluePay include tokenization and address verification systems.

BluePay’s Retail Credit Card Processing Services

Another requirement of PCI compliance is to be sure all credit card software and POS terminals are secure and up-to-date. BluePay offers advanced POS systems and can integrate transactions with existing accounting software for more accurate reporting.

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