Discover the Many Options for Payment Processing

When you sign up for merchant account services, you can expand your business by accepting multiple forms of payment, streamline the payment process, and increase cash flow. Consumers enjoy many options and flexibility when it comes to making payments, giving them the control over how they spend their money. Fewer people are carrying large amounts of cash when they shop, and instead are relying on credit cards, debit cards and gift cards. Online shopping continues to increase, offering consumers shop at home convenience with secure payment options. Read on to learn the many payment options solutions that come along with a secure merchant account.

Debit Card and Credit Card Processing

Accepting credit cards significantly expands your customer base, as many people rely on credit cards to complete large purchases upfront and pay for them over time. Consumers are even using plastic for smaller purchases with the efficiency and convenience of debit cards, which allow them to pull money directly from their account without having to carry cash. If merchantslimit the types of payments they receive by not accepting credit cards for payment, they might as well push paying customers out the door. 

Online Payments

E-commerce businesses continue to grow, and so increases the need to accept payments online securely and efficiently. When customers shop online, they want a quick checkout that keeps their information safe from hackers and thieves. With a credit card merchant account, you can start accepting payments online so that your customers can access your products and services wherever they are.

Gift and Loyalty Card Programs

Offering gift and loyalty cards are great ways to both attract new customers and keep them coming back. Gift cards help spread your brand and company name, while bringing in new customers that might not normally shop at your store or use your services. Loyalty or rewards card programs offer special treatment for your returning customers, who are already loyal to your business and will continue to return – especially if they are rewarded each time they spend. Customer service is crucial to a successful business, and your customers will appreciate multiple payment options and advanced security.

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