BluePay Announces Partnership with BigTree Solutions

BluePay is pleased to announce our recent partnership with BigTree Solutions, a delivery software company that offers online ordering application RDS Logic.

BigTree Solutions recently released a new version of RDS Logic, which improves online food ordering and restaurant delivery services. Now, BigTree’s new, private label version of RDS Logic can be embedded into a client’s existing website – matching the look, feel and navigation of the current site while boasting all the major benefits of the ordering applications.

With the continual rise of the Internet changing our day-to-day lives, consumers are relying more and more on Internet services to shop, pay bills, find vendors and services, and even order food through secure portals and payment gateways. RDS Logic combines online ordering services with brand promotion and marketing, allowing restaurants and foodservice companies to improve their service while retaining their company’s message and values. Website users can now enjoy the convenience of the Internet to order food, and with easy navigation and attractive branding messages, they’ll remain loyal to their favorite food establishments.

BluePay is BigTree’s preferred provider of credit card processing for its online ordering system. Restaurant owners can rely on secure payment gateways, PCI compliant technology and streamlined payment processing solutions with BluePay. Learn more about BluePay’s restaurant payment solutions.

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