The Benefits of Pay at the Pump Processing

Pay at the pump processing is a convenience that most drivers have come to expect when stopping at the gas station to fill up their tank. The processing equipment at the gas pump is familiar and easy to use, similar to most in-store credit card machines. Customers can swipe their credit cards, debit cards or fleet cards securely, print out a receipt and even purchase a car wash from the pump’s processing terminal. Below, we’ll explore the benefits of pay at the pump processing for customers and merchants.

For Customers: Most drivers stop to fill up their gas tanks while on their way to another destination, so they’re usually in a hurry to get the task done. Pay at the pump services speed up the process, eliminating the need to go inside and wait in a long line. With the ability to pay at the pump, there is no need to leave vehicles unattended, so customers can pay for their gas without having to lock up the car or worry about theft.

For Merchants: Gone are the days in which gas station attendants pumped the gas, cleaned the windshield, and even checked tire pressure while customers sat in their cars. Instead, customers are pumping and paying on their own, while workers can focus on other responsibilities. As most gas stations are attached to convenience stores, employees can improve customer service inside the store, while customers outside can simply serve themselves.

BluePay offers low rates for pay at the pump processing, helping merchants save money while improving customer service.

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