B2B Credit Card Processing Options

Business-to-business merchants must take into consideration their clientele's unique needs, which differ greatly from the everyday consumer. B2B customers such as government agencies, associations, property managers and utility companies are looking for better ways to control spending, stay within budget and improve their own business operations. Check out a few of BluePay's B2B credit card processing capabilities, designed to meet the needs of B2B merchants and their customers.   

  • Level 2 processing: B2B transactions require more detail than B2C transactions, as B2B customers want to know the what, why, where, when and how much of every purchase. This capability is especially useful for businesses that give employees credit cards for office spending and client meetings. Level 2 processing provides full-item details, including customer accounting codes, sales tax and more, for every transaction. Customers can gain tighter control over their spending, while merchants enjoy lower rates than Level 1 (B2C) transactions.
  • Electronic invoicing: B2B merchants like utility companies can use electronic invoicing to cut down on paper billing costs, while providing their B2B customers with more convenient account management and bill payment capabilities. Property managers can allow renters to pay their rent online, with e-mail alerts and recurring billing options that help minimize late payments.
  • Hosted payment forms: Payment forms hosted on BluePay's secure servers reduces merchants' liability while providing a fast, convenient way for customers to make payments online. Associations and non-profit organizations can streamline their payment and donation process, making it easier for their members and donors to transfer funds.

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