5 Uses for an iPad Credit Card Reader

With iPad credit card processing, you can expand your point of sale while still enjoying the face-to-face familiarity of a traditional checkout counter. Accepting credit card payments via tablets offers other advantages, too:

  • Transactions are location-independent, allowing you to meet your customers anywhere in your store. This reduces purchasing barriers, which can boost sales.
  • Accepting credit cards on iPads lets you take your business on the road – perfect for trade shows, conferences, and other events.
  • Reduce long lines at the checkout counter and reduce customer wait times, which improves the customer experience and builds loyalty. It also frees up your staff to do tasks around the store, rather than being stuck behind a counter.

Common Applications for iPad Credit Card Processing

If travel and mobility are important components of your business, then incorporating iPad credit card processing into your payment network can help you secure more customers. The potential applications are limitless, but below are five of the most common uses:

1. Networking Events

Trade shows, conferences and exhibitions happen all year round — all over the world. IPad credit card processing lends itself very well to these “mobile” events, allowing you to sell products and register attendees entirely on the go.

2. Sporting Events and Concerts

Entertainment venues are ideally suited for mobile credit card processing. As vendors spread out in the crowd, they can sell refreshments and memorabilia with greater ease.

3. Fundraisers

Whether for church services or charity events, donations are often an impulse decision. But many would-be givers come to these events without a lot of cash on hand. Imagine how much farther your fundraising efforts will go if you offer a convenient way to accept credit card donations on the spot.

4. Kiosks

IPad credit card processing at kiosks and booths makes it easier to capture foot traffic at shopping malls, amusement parks and carnivals. Don't let impulse purchases pass you by again.

5. Restaurants

At most eating establishments, waiters must physically walk credit cards to the front desk for processing. It's a relatively small investment of time. But those extra five minutes of back-and-forth represent five minutes of lost productivity.

Allowing waiters to process credit cards on the spot frees up their time for activities that actually add value to the overall dining experience. It also slightly increases the turnover rate, helping you to optimize limited seating capacity.

Does Accepting Credit Cards on an iPad Work for Your Business?

Accepting payments via iPad can help you process more purchases — faster and more affordably. More and more businesses are embracing tablet credit card processing. Here are a few questions to ask before you rush out and buy iPads, though:

  • Do I have the telecommunications infrastructure to support tablet-based payments?
  • How much am I willing to invest in iPads or other tablets?
  • What physical security and data security will I need in order to protect my hardware and my customers’ credit card data?
  • Does my credit card processor offer mobile payment processing for tablets?
  • How will I handle tech support?
  • What training will I need to provide staff?

Due to the growing popularity of this mobile payment solution, iPad payment processing is becoming more accessible to businesses than ever. To learn how easy it is to get started, talk with a BluePay representative today.

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