3 Tips for Mobile Credit Card Processing at Sports Arenas

Mobile credit card processing is not some kind of new age, cool concept. It is something that 40 percent of vendors do on a daily basis, by necessity. Mobile credit card processing may seem daunting, but for vendors in places like conferences and sports arenas, it can be the difference between a slow day and an incredibly lucrative sales day. If you are still nervous about accepting this type of payment, here are three tips for using mobile credit card processing at sports arenas:

1. Contract with a credit card processing company that knows who you are: You need a system that is tailored to your needs. Whether you are in your own kiosk or on the move in a sports arena, use a company that works with you to set up the best system and fix any snafus that may occur.

2. Know your equipment: When you need to make a sale quickly and efficiently, you can't get stuck at the loading screen. You need to work with programs and equipment that are already familiar, so you don’t have to worry about accepting payment and can get back to making sales.

3. Security is key: In large areas you are at a higher risk of identity fraud and security issues. When making sales on mobile credit card devices, you need to be confident that your information and the information of your customers are not at risk.

BluePay Customizes Your Sales Experience 

BluePay knows that every transaction is unique and that every company has different needs. Our specialists work with you to set up a system that makes sense for your sales, whether with a device on a tablet or phone, a mobile credit kiosk, or an online transaction plan. We handle the legwork, so you can make the sales.

User-Friendly Setups 

BluePay is compatible with multiple programs and systems. No need to reboot your entire sales program and protocol when you switch to mobile credit card processing. That means you can go into sports sales with comfort and ease, so you can chase customers, not apps. 

PCI Professional Standards

Payment Credit Industry standards are rigorous to ensure that everyone is safe. With identity fraud and cyber theft on the rise, BluePay's security measures give you peace of mind, so you never lose data and your customers never get conned. 

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