3 Credit Card Processing Alternatives for Non-Profits

For most non-profits, making the donation process as convenient as possible is vital to meeting revenue goals. Text-to-donate, online giving, and mobile credit card processing are the new tools of non-profit fundraising.

Accepting donations via credit card is easier today than it has ever been. Non-profits have several choices. Here are three credit card processing options for non-profits.

Third-Party Processing

Third-party companies operate by accepting credit card payments on behalf of non-profits, then then transferring the funds to your organization's account once the transaction clears. For non-profits that don’t have a merchant account – or can’t get one – this alternative is attractive.

However, third-party processors have their drawbacks. There tends to be a lag time between the transaction being processed and the funds becoming available to your organization. In addition, your nonprofit's name may not show up on the donor's credit card statement, which may cause the donor to dispute the charge in confusion over its origin.

When choosing a third-party processor, consider fees, too. Some third-party processors charge fees to non-profits that are as costly as a standard merchant account.

Standard Merchant Account

Most businesses process credit and debit card transactions via a merchant account. Once the payment is processed, funds flow directly into your account, which means you have quicker access to the money you need to fund your operations.

Nonprofit Credit Card Processing Account

For most charities and non-profit organizations, a merchant account designed specifically with non-profits in mind. BluePay makes it easy for non-profits to accept electronic payments. Our non-profit solution allows you to create simple, PCI-compliant donation Web forms, so your donors can contribute online in the convenience of their homes and workplaces. Donors can even set up a recurring donation schedule – perfect for your patron supporters.

If your non-profit organization needs help finding the right solution for accepting credit card donations, BluePay can help. Our non-profit specialists will help you identify the best processing solution based on your size, goal, and resources.

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