Payment Security

Imagine your company enjoying one of the most secure forms of client payment processing ever available.

BluePay’s PCI-certified payment processing gateway is the assuredly secure solution to payment processing.

Whether you’re searching for online payment security, or the ability to safely and easily take customer payments via a smartphone or tablet, BluePay’s payment solutions ensure that your buyers’ credit/debit card and e-check data stays safe from all those who may wish to threaten it.

BluePay‘s one-stop payment processing gateway allows your company to save time (and therefore money), which is akin to seeing more of your company’s sales revenue move to your bottom line.
BluePay keeps your client data information safe via PCI-certified processes known as encryption and tokenization, during which credit/debit card numbers are replaced in such a way that they become practically impossible to decode or use. A thief wouldn’t be able to do anything with the data.
The level of mobile payment security you’ll enjoy today because of the tokenization of your customers’ data was unheard of even just two or three years ago!
Tokenization also means your liability as it pertains to customer payment security decreases.

Engage BluePay for its payment processing solution and you’ll enjoy a level of security for your buyers’ sensitive financial data.

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