Payment Integration

Integrating your current client payment processes is a snap with BluePay’s PCI-certified payment gateway.

You’ll enjoy superior payment software and solutions designed especially for your company’s needs, making it easy for your customers to pay you. What’s more, customer payment data such as credit/debit card and e-check information will stay secure with BluePay’s up-to-the-minute process of encrypting and tokenizing your clients’ sensitive financial data.

Talk about being able to sleep at night!

Whether you want to accept payments online, via a terminal, software, remotely, or even with a smartphone or tablet that your employees use as they serve customers – you’ll be able to do so efficiently and safely with BluePay.

  • BluePay’s payment integration process works easily with your company’s current accounting, ERP, payment and management systems, making your customer payment processing activities simple and trouble-free.
  • Our one-source payment solution will help you save time and money, which translates to more revenue going to your bottom line.
  • Our system of tokenizing your customer’s sensitive financial data goes above and beyond PCI Security Council standards.
  • Tokenization and encryption make it practically impossible for anyone to steal or compromise your customers’ data; if thieves do retrieve the payment tokens they can’t be used to make purchases.

Partner with BluePay and you’ll enjoy seamless integration of our advanced payment gateway with your company’s current accounting and management tools.

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